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The best way to judge how well one's methods and services really work is to listen to what the people have to say. As Ernest Hemingway once said: When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.


What my Clients Say

There are a few major reasons why you want to work out with Carlos: flexible schedule, effectiveness, motivation, no mercy in his work outs, personal approach to each client and an affordable price. I live 1.5 hours away in PA and work in the city and sometimes my train is delayed or cancelled. Carlos understands that and always tries to take me at the most convenient time for me, even when it's a last minute change. I have been working out with him for the last 7 months and I definitely started to notice a change after 3 months: my butt got tighter and harder, my abs started to show. I know it's a long process and I try to be patient. However, what I learned is that just working out is not enough, you still have to follow a diet, even if you are like me and just want to loose 7-10 lbs. When I started to follow I diet I lost 4 lbs in 10 days, combining it with 4 days a week work outs and cardio. Also, unlike other personal trainers, Carlos concentrates on your body and your problem areas. For example, I used to work out with a personal trainer, who did not understand that I am a female who does not need huge leg muscles. As a result, 8 months later, instead of getting smaller, my legs got almost twice bigger. Also, sometimes I would come in and say I don't feel good and I can't jump today. He understands that and changes the work out completely, so that I still benefit from that session. Carlos, is also very motivating, he always makes sure I do every exercise correctly and fast. "

Alena M.

My name is Michelle Lerner and I've been training for 10 years. I've encountered many different trainers with various philosophies, but what makes Carlos Delgado unique is his emphasis on functional movement. As a perfectionist, I constantly find myself critiquing my every move, even the most minute; however, Carlos has challenged such self-criticism and allowed me to perceive my body in a more wholistic lens. No one muscle is responsible for those functional movements we all undergo on a daily basis; thus, it is more beneficial to focus on strengthening the entire frame as a whole, as opposed to breaking down each muscle group in a mechanical and much less methodical approach. My body has changed drastically since I began training with Carlos, both visibly and physiologically. I like to think of myself as an athlete, and my work with Carlos most certainly supports my running, swimming, biking, martial arts, and individual weight-lifting abilities. "

Michelle L.

Prior to taking Carlos' bootcamp I thought of myself as an extremely fit, hard-working workout enthusiast. Carlos' bootcamp brought my workouts to a completely new level, challenging me in ways that I didn't know existed. Fun isn't usually a word associated with working out but Carlos brings enuthusiasm and energy to his training by encouraging, participating and motivating participants the entire time. In his one-on-one training he is never monotonous nor does he use the exact same routine for every client. He listens to your goals and tailors the workout to the individual. His creativity is endless so I never know what to expect but every time I work out with Carlos, I walk away thinking it's the best workout I've ever had. "

Spencer G.

Every January I put the same New Year's resolution on my list - to lose weight. This year I have the extra incentive of wanting to look fab for my best friend's wedding. I started off well, hitting the gym a couple of times a week and feeling good about my workout. Then, I had my complimentary training session with Carlos. After just ten minutes of squat-thrusts, push-ups, and steps, I was exhausted, thinking how on earth I was going to survive the next 50 minutes. But I did survive and felt great. I quickly signed up for additional sessions and have not looked back. Each session is different and I always have Carlos's full attention. I look forward to my training sessions with Carlos and in just a month I have already dropped a dress-size. I definitely could not be where I am now without Carlos. Thank you, Carlos, you are changing my life, one squat-thrust at a time."

Jackie M.

I'm a sports chiropractor, a triathlete and an x trainer from the 1990's. I have used many trainers over the years and hands down Carlos Delgado is the Best! Who better to ask than someone like me. After all I'm in the health and fitness field. If you want results and you want someone to push you, he will get you those results. I can't say enough about Carlos and his personal training abilities. You can't go wrong. He will teach you new ways to burn calories and get the most out of your work outs. His energy and creativity will keep you focused and make each work out fun. "

David Kulla, DC

I feel very fortunate for having found Carlos Delgado. I was in search of a workout regimen that I would stay committed to in order to look my absolute best. Having someone take you out of your comfort zone to get to where you want to be is key to losing weight. The trainers are very professional, motivating and because it's hand on personal training; I have seen very positive, fast results. Without any exaggeration, Carlos changed the way I workout. He creates different workouts each session to keep me interested. Enthusiasm, dedication, drive, and heart are all the things that make a great personal trainer; are all the things that Carlos has. With Carlos as my guide, I have the confidence to reach deeper and push myself further than I ever could alone. My workouts and results have been better than I ever could have hoped for from a personal trainer. "

Carolina B.

Carlos is the only person I've ever worked out with @ 6AM - he's personable, driven & his workouts are effective & addictive! "

Jayne P.

Carlos is one of the hardest working trainers I know. He is very good at reading his clients and understanding their wants and needs. He brought me to a level I didn't think I would be able to achieve, I am grateful for finding someone who actually cared. Thank you Carlos. "

Jeanie V.

I have been working with Carlos for 6 weeks now and definitely see a marked difference in my muscle tone and stamina. His kind motivational skills empower me to keep pushing both during our sessions and even when I'm working out alone. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to strengthen their fitness routine and have fun while doing it! "

Megan B.

My friend Megan and I meet with Carlos on Tuesday mornings and he is a great mix of challenging us and knowing if we need a quick break. We meet really early and he makes us work really hard without being scary or in your face. We've been seeing him for about a month now and I'm already seeing a big improvement. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a challenging workout and a great all-around trainer. Thanks Carlos!"

Liz S.

Carlos has been my personal trainer for 2 years. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Carlos's combination of training methods and programs. Not only does he keep each session different and keep me interested, he has also taught me exercises and routines that I can do on my own. He makes each workout challenging, but fun! He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to attain results. As a result of his encouragement and motivation, I work out more often on my own and for longer. "

Taryn B.

Carlos Delgado is a wonderful personal trainer. He listens to your training needs and aspirations and designs a regimen that helps you realize your goals. And he is a terrific motivator. I recommend him to anyone-old or young, male or female-who wants to get in shape and stay in shape. Plus, he's a great guy. "

Steve B.

Having Carlos train me after having my baby was the best thing I could have ever done for my body. It helped me lose the baby weight and then some. Every mom needs time for herself away from work and out of the house to get back to where they want to be and to feel good about their bodies again. His session helped lift my energy levels and mood and of course made me look great! "

Ashley P.

I've been working with Carlos for over 3 years now. When I started getting close to 30, I decided it was time to take charge of my fitness. Carlos's training methods are unlike anything I have ever done, and I have been an athlete my entire life. We are constantly changing exercises, moving from squats with weights, to different stomach exercises, to jumping jacks, to boxing, etc. It never gets old and I can tell you there is no way I would be able to push myself this hard on my own. I also have a small back injury and Carlos is very good at altering the exercises to alleviate the injury. I leave exhausted and maybe even a little sore in the muscles, but I feel stronger and better and proud of myself every time. "

Vanessa D.

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