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There's method in my madness.

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The Method to my Madness: My Fitness Philosophy

When it comes to fitness we always seem to encounter the same obstacles and questions: What's the secret to losing weight? How can I overcome the plateau that I'm stuck on? Is there a magic pill for weight loss? Am I genetically pre-disposed to gain weight! These are questions that the everyday gym goer is always thinking about.

I don't have answers to all of these questions but I sure have my own particular responses to them, backed up by my own experience and my sense of the best and latest scientific research.

  • Yes, we can all agree that working out is not an easy thing to do! But if we plan ahead, making sure that exercise is a routine part of your lives, just like brushing your teeth every day, I believe we can achieve great things.
  • As far as getting past fitness and weight-loss plateaus, you need to understand that if exercising regularly were simple then the whole world would already be in shape!
  • No, there is no magic pill to lose weight. There are many people and products out there that will try to con you into believing that you can attain results instantly (like 5 minute abs!). When was anything in life was that quick and easy, with great, instant rewards?
  • Yes, genetics play a huge role in what the body looks like. Some people lose or gain weight faster than others. But with regular exercise and a healthy and balanced diet everyone can reach their goals.
  • As our president says: "Yes, we can!"

    I said that there was a method to my madness because, yes, we are all a bit crazy at times. There are those who wake up at 5 AM to work out to run, walk, or do resistance training or yoga, whatever. It seems crazy to those who could never imagine themselves doing that. From my perspective, it's madness to choose not to exercise at all! Maybe another way to figure out what's mad is to think of people who eat nothing but junk food or smoke lots of cigarettes every day.

    Let's look at professional athletes, not to compare ourselves to them, but rather to make some positive connections. Many athletes have actually experienced a tough up-bringing, with little or no access to formal gyms or sports equipment. I recall playing soccer with a juice bottle in South America and it meant the world to me to be able to do that; after that, the world became my playground. Professional athletes and the everyday gym goer seem very similar after all. In the end we are all human; we all need oxygen, water, food, shelter and physical activity to thrive and grow.

    Let's take a closer look at how we are built: We are carnivores in motion always searching for fuel (food)! But if we look closer at how we live our lives today and compare that to the first humans who walked the earth we are far less active now because we don't have to hunt for our food the way human beings used to. Yet, deep down we are all still ordinary people, whether we are athletes, the everyday gym goer, or everyone else in the world.

    We can all agree that we can all do more to improve ourselves. So, let's apply that idea to general fitness, let's change the way we eat, the way we move, and the expectations we have for our bodies. I'm not saying we should all go out there and participate in marathons! But at least let's put our foot on the first step of the ladder to a happier and healthy life. Fitness can be found and created anywhere and if you are searching for guidance or help in finding your path to a better, healthier life, contact me today. I can, I will help you become the person you want to be.