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Life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself. It's time to challenge yourself, to rediscover your hidden traits, talents, and tendencies.

About Me

Few Words About Me

The Hybrid Fitness Academy was founded and designed by Carlos Delgado as a solution to the common issues plaguaging working out. With Hybrid Fitness Academy we address some of the most common issues, such as the repetitiveness of the every day work out.

  • Carlos Delgado, Personal Trainer

    My name is Carlos Delgado and I believe that exercise is the fountain of youth!

    I believe there's a superhero in every one of us, and the key to finding that superhero is learning how the body moves in space and time and applying resistance to those movement patterns. I became a fitness professional in 2007 and I quickly developed a passion not only to teach, but also to learn from my clients as well as my fellow fitness professionals.

    Fitness has been a part of my life since I was born in Ecuador. I grew up in a country where soccer is everywhere and everything. As a young boy I also took karate classes to learn self-defense, reaching brown belt status by the age of six. I quickly realized that being active, moving, using my body is what I enjoyed doing the most.

    When my family moved to the United States 1997, I quickly embraced the native sports of this country, which were far from foreign to me. I picked up and played what I knew best: soccer, handball, and, because of my agility, American football. One of the great luxuries of U.S. high schools is organized team sports, which I quickly learned to participate in and be the best at. These included soccer and handball. Eventually, I found the weight lifting team. This was where my athleticism met my growing interest in fitness! Learning of the benefits of monitored and controlled exercise amazed me.

    I realized then that I wanted to become a fitness professional.

    The workouts I provide for my clients are tailored individually to meet their individual needs and desires. I offer a complimentary session to make sure that you are serious about changing your lifestyle and so that you understand the work necessary to realize your fitness goals. I believe in aiming high and never quite reaching those goals, but always striving and reaching for something more. At Hybrid Fitness, progress is our main goal and we have more then one approach to fitness!

    Conveniently located close to Union Square come in and we'll sweat together. And if you can't get to me, well, I'll come to you in your home or workplace, anywhere in the Tri-state area!

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